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Create Your Own PowerPoint Background

Kindle CoverSince research has proven that most of us learn better with visual aids, I’ve created a short video to show you how to create your own PowerPoint background theme. It really isn’t that complicated, once you know how. Let me know how you enjoy the video. Click Create Your Own PowerPoint Background for the video.    

Ruler, Gridlines and Guides, Oh My

Rulers, Guides and Gridlines with lionThe above mentioned tools are found on the View Ribbon in the Show Group. In the image you see here I’ve checked off all three items to be shown. The Ruler is visible in the gray area at the top and on the left. The Gridlines form the small squares you see and the darker vertical and horizontal center lines are the Guides. To center the lion image all I really needed were the Guides. However, if I were adding more images or objects the Gridlines would be very helpful in positioning them.

Though I find the Guides and Gridlines very helpful, I also find them distracting, so when I’m not using them I simply uncheck their boxes and they go away. When I need them again I know where to find them.

Next time I’ll tell you how to make it look like you have both portrait and landscape oriented slides in the same presentation.

If there’s something you want to know how to do in PowerPoint, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Do You Know How to Combine A Text Box and Picture to Create A New Picture?

As promised in my last post, this post will be about combining a picture and a text box. I’m going to operate on the belief that you know how to insert a picture and a text box into a slide and that your difficulty comes from bringing the two together.

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  1. If your text box is hidden behind your picture, drag the picture out of the way enough to be able to see at least part of the text box.
  2. Make certain the picture is selected and then in the Picture Tools Ribbon click the drop down arrow next to the words Send Backward.
  3. In the menu that appears click on Send to back. All of your text box should now be visible.
  4. Click on the text box and drag it to the location where you want it on the picture. Once it’s positioned, while it’s still selected, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the picture. Now both the text box and the picture are selected.
  5. In the Arrange Group on your Picture Tools Ribbon click the drop down next to the word Group and from the menu that appears click on the word Group. You have now made the picture and the text a single image.
  6. Right click on this new image and from the menu that appears click on Save as Picture.
  7. When you save this new picture pay attention to the File Type that you’re saving it as, the two most common are JPEG and PNG.

My next post will address the advantages of using the Ruler, Gridlines and Guides.