We Are What We Think We Are

Have you ever called yourself stupid? How many times have you said that, or some other negative thing to yourself?
What we say to ourselves and what others say to us, about us, is the programming our internal computer receives. What kind of programming are you putting into your internal computer?
When you wake up in the morning and realize what day of the week it is, do you immediately feel tired? Even though you got a good night’s sleep, you feel tired. Why? Because you’ve told yourself that it’s going to be a long tiring day. Perhaps you’ve told yourself that same thing for years. If so, your internal programming for that day is well established. There’s no time like the present to start re-programming yourself. Our internal computer’s take a bit longer to re-program than the desktop or laptop you use but it can be done and it’s well worth the little effort it requires.
That re-programming can begin at night when you go to bed. Your head is on the pillow and as you drift off to sleep, perform a bit of self-talk.
Here are a few examples of what you might say over and over again to yourself, until you fall asleep.
I will sleep well and wake rested.
Every day is another opportunity for me to shine and share my expertise.
My energy level is high when I wake.
I will wake in the morning ready to have another glorious day and achieve my goals.
I will wake full of energy and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

When you wake in the morning, don’t allow any negative thoughts about the day to dwell in your mind. Program yourself to greet each day with the eager joy of a child. Your morning self-talk might sound something like the following phrases.
I am happy to be alive.
Today will be a great day for me.
I will accomplish the goals I set for myself.
I am responsible for my thoughts and they will be positive thoughts because I am a positive person. My attitude is great and I look forward to today.
I am more than capable of handling anything that comes my way.
I am grateful for my quick mind, my intelligence and the fact that I have a wonderful life.
It’s going to be a fabulous day.

What kind of self-talk do you practice? Are you aware of how you talk to yourself?
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Why Are You Playing Small?

If you have knowledge, skills and or abilities and you’re keeping them hidden because you lack the self-confidence to share them, you’re playing small.
Why do you want to hide your knowledge, skills and abilities? Maybe you’re thinking, “Who am I to tell people about….?” Who are you? You are YOU and why shouldn’t you share what you know. You are an expert on whatever you’re specialized field is and there are people out there in need of what you have to offer. Does the fact that you’re an expert mean there’s nothing left for you to learn in your field? No, of course not and some of the people you help may very well provide you with help as well.
No one person knows everything there is to know about their field. There’s always more to learn. But that’s no reason to shy away from sharing what you do know.
You’re a unique individual. There’s no one else like you on the planet. You have a different perspective on things than anyone else. Share your perspective and let others share their perspective with you. Looking at things from a different angle can sometimes provide the answers for which we’ve been looking.
So stop ‘playing small’. Get out there and blow your own horn. Become the person you want to be and play life large. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s the actual performance.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.

Welcome to New Perspective Coach’s Blog

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When I opt in and register on a web site I’m often sorry I did so because I hear from them every single day, sometimes twice a day. Our world is suffering from information overload. New Perspective Coach’s promise to you is to only email when we have something important to tell you. It will most likely be sporadic at first as we’re in a growing phase right now and that means sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as one would hope. The truth is that you’ll get notified when something important is happening and you might get a reminder of it closer to the event time. What we won’t do is fill your inbox with a bunch of stuff you may or may not have an interest in knowing about. If in the future we find that our people are interested in more contact from us, we’ll explore that and see what works best for all concerned. Of course, the Unsubscribe option is always available.
Some people ask me what is New Perspective Coach? Our goal at New Perspective Coach is to help people get a different perspective on whatever the issue is that they’re facing, whether in their personal life or in their business. In other words, we help people look at issues from a different angle and hopefully by doing so a solution can be found. Presently our focus is on helping shy people get over being shy. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with being shy as long as it’s not causing you difficulties in any aspect of your life.
However, if being shy is preventing you from getting ahead in your job, it’s causing you a problem. If being shy is preventing you from networking and growing your business, it’s causing you a problem. If being shy is preventing you from going out and socializing with people and you’re sitting at home lonely, it’s causing you a problem. I can help solve those problems by helping you get over being shy.
What makes me think I know anything about being shy? I was shy for most of my life and no, we’re not going to discuss how old I am. Let’s just say that I was shy for well over 25 years.
I no longer think of myself as shy. I’ve learned to speak up for myself. At present I give workshops in front of live audiences at least once a week. To date my largest audience was 300 writers and their families. It was an awards banquet and I don’t have any qualms about telling you that I was plenty nervous. I was still fairly new to presenting and when I did present it was on topics I knew backward and forward. However, this awards ceremony only had one element to it that was known to me and my Co-Emcee. The known information was the winner in each category. We didn’t have time to rehearse and everything about that night was ad-libbed. I often wish I had a video tape of the event because I truly don’t remember much about it. I just kept putting one word after the one that came before it and I got through the night.
That’s how most things in life get accomplished. Someone just keeps moving forward with their goal, one step at a time. It doesn’t matter how small or large the steps are. What matters is that the steps are being taken, progress is being made. That night I stretched my ‘comfort zone’ to the max and beyond. That’s how we grow.
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