POWERPOINT: The Tool People Love to Hate

PowerPoint is the software many people love to hate. They know they need to do presentations using it but they can’t quite figure out the mechanics of using it efficiently.
Everyone I talk to that uses this software has a different issue with it. For some folks they choose a theme and then decide they like everything about that theme except the font. So they spend a lot of time going through every slide and changing the font style on each slide individually. Other people have issues with getting text to show up on a picture they’ve inserted. The list goes on and on with things that users know you can do with PowerPoint and yet they can’t figure out how to make it do what they want.
Today I’m going to solve one of those problems for you. I’m going to walk you through a quick process for changing the font style on every slide in your presentation without doing it slide by slide.

  1. Go to your View Ribbon
  2. Click on Slide Master
  3. Select the text in the first slide in the left navigation pane
  4. Go to your Home Ribbon
  5. Choose the font you want to have in your presentation
  6. Click on the Slide Master tab to return to that ribbon
  7. Save and close Slide Master

Image 7-7

This is a seven step process that should only take a few minutes to perform.
In my next blog I’ll explain how to easily place a text box on a picture and make it part of the picture.

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